What are the two principles of translation classification?

$$ written and oral translation

What is literary translation?

$$ translation of fiction or poetry

What is informative translation?

$$ translation of non-literary texts

What does Journalistic (or publicistic) texts deal with ?

$$ social or political matters

What does the expession translate "at sight" mean?

$$ to have the text of the original in front and translate it

What are the two main stages of the translating process?

$$ assessing the meaning of language units in the text against the contextual situation and the pertaining extralinguistic facts

When confronted with the text to be translated, the translator's first concern is to understand it and ..............?

$$ avoid thinking into the text

What does What are the two principles of translation classification? “thinking into the text”mean?

$$ adding extra information

Where can the translator find the necessary information of what a segment of the text really means?

$$ in the context

$$$37. The choice of the syntactical structure of the translated sentence often depends on ……

$$ the TL co-occurrence rules

Without) what the meaning of any word in the text cannot be understood and translated ?

$$ without due regard to the specific context in which it is actualized

What words can be mainly found among proper and geographical names, titles of magazines and newspapers, etc

$$ context-free words

What is transliteration?

$$ transcriptive translation

What the translator should not rely on to understand its What are the two principles of translation classification? meaning or to find a proper equivalent?

$$ the "inner form" of the English term

What are polysemanti, words?

$$ they have several meanings

What are monosemantic words?

$$ they have one meaning

What should the translator consult with special care?

$$ the context

What is an essential element of the translator's professional skill?

$$ ability to render the contextual meanings

What is the translator's best friend and assistant in finding the appropriate equivalent?

$$ dictionaries

What words may never get in common use and will not be registered by the dictionaries?

$$ ad hoc

What words are well understood by the communicants since they are coined on the What are the two principles of translation classification? familiar structural and semantic models?

$$ ad hoc

What should the translator do coming across a new coinage?

$$ to interpret its meaning and to choose the appropriate translation

The translator is expected to understand the general idea conveyed by the word.........?

$$ conveyed by the word

The translator should carefully watch the development of the usage and follow .........?

$$ the predominant trend

The formal similarity is usually the result of the two words having ……..?

$$ the common origin

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